Březen 2013

Winding Your Rolex Watch

16. března 2013 v 9:12
While Rolex watches are a hugely luxurious status symbol and an example of truly advanced craftsmanship, they're also practical devices; their basic function is to tell the time. This means that a watch which is losing time or one that has stopped working altogether is a liability, and steps must be taken to get it working again. Fortunately for most cases, the watch probably just needs winding, and as they have their own Rolex approved watchmaker and workshops on site, one fine jeweller can offer advice as to how this is done safely and correctly.

First and foremost it's important to bear in mind that most Rolex watches now feature a patented self winding mechanism which contains what is known as a perpetual rotor. This means that watches don't need to be wound manually as long as they are being used frequently.

The normal movement of the wearers arm is enough to stimulate the mechanism, which can store the required energy for up to 48 hours use. This jeweller would therefore urge customers to wear their perpetual Rolex watches as frequently as possible.

However, winding a watch if required is quick and easy to do. Firstly, owners should ensure there is no possibility of their watch getting damaged while they work. When the area is safe to use, begin by unscrewing the crown (the small protrusion on the right side of the watch) by rotating it half a turn clockwise.

Once this is done, simply wind the crown approximately 40 complete rotations in a clockwise direction and replace in its original position. Even if you don't intend to use your Rolex, it's crucial that it is wound regularly. If not the lubricants in the internal mechanism can harden, which can then cause damage to watch components should you finally come to wind and use the device.

And thankfully Rolex watches comprise a safeguard which makes over - winding impossible. But for more comprehensive care it's worth remembering that this well established jeweller can maintain, repair and service all Rolex types, and has over 40 years experience working with this prestigious brand. All luxury watches, Rolex's especially are safe in their highly skilled hands.